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The White House

“I did not have a sexual relationship with that woman…” 

In 2007 Bill Clinton’s infamous denial appeared as footage in an episode of the US series ‘Cold Case’. It had to be dubbed in German. That was my chance to break into the biz. Up until 2018 I had lip-synced over 500 roles in international big hit movies and series such as Transformers, The Dark Knight Rises, Assassin’s Creed, Private Practice or House of Cards.

As a voice over artist I do commercials, corporate image and product films, documentaries and radio shows. Customers that book me are Hublot, Google, Volkswagen, Daimler, Hapag Lloyd, P&O Ferrymasters and more.

photo © Urban Ruths

Audio Clips

Demo Tracks


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Image film for the Dutch luxury brand Donkervoort, manufacturer of exclusive supercars (Voice Over)

Juan Carlos – Downfall Of The King. Sky Originals, Voice Over


ProSieben THEMA: Waffen für den Frieden? Voice Over

Voice Over for documentary  Brasilien und der Fall Lula da Silva; Gebrueder Beetz

Voice Over for documentary In The Shadow Of Beirut; Gebrueder Beetz

Fashion2Night 2022 – Hapag Lloyd Cruises; Moderation


Balance Of The Five Elements, documentary; Voice Over KINO/ARTE; Gebrueder Beetz

Image video for AUTOMHA (it); Voice Over

Recruiting film Die wollen doch nur spielen, Seier-Gruppe; Voice Over

Commercials for Bosch Mähroboter + Gardena SmartSystem

Hublot product films: Magic Gold, Hublot Ceramic

Comedy Show Late Night Berlin, Off Voice


Voice Over documentary 9/11 Kids; Gebrueder Beetz

Voice of the complete  Google Nest camapaign for

Berliner Sparkasse: Voice over for corporate film

Cyberpunk 2077 – German voice of roles Kirk and Dumdum

Narrator for TV show Galileo Spezial: Good Disaster

ARTE documentary Der Schwarm; Voice Over


Narrator for ARTE documentary Volcanoes in New Zealand

ZDFInfo: documantary NISMAN; Voice Over; Gebrueder Beetz

Voice Over Social Media campaign for Eisbären Bremerhaven (Sponsoring)

Das Forum (ARTE) documentary; Voice Over

Young Euro Classic Festival – Voice Over documentary


Hapag Lloyd Cruises – Moderation of the Fashion2Night 2018

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